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For Management Teams & Current Business Owners

If you're starting to prepare for an exit, this is a great place to level up on the exit planning process & connect with niche deal team members & advisors regardless of your timing. 

Learn how to make your business as attractive as it can be in the eyes of a potential acquirer, investor, or lender, and engage with the pros to help you transact.

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Think of this place as an accelerator for your M&A referral network.

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Our Community Purpose

We bring together proven entrepreneurs and niche M&A-focused advisors to learn from each other and to help you put together your own tailored network to get deals done.

Build a niche deal team, line up available financing and collaborate with a community of qualified industry professionals & advisors specialized in your local region or industry niche.

Why Now?

There's never been a better time to niche down your network with the ongoing tidal wave of new interest flooding into the industry of business acquisition & sale.

Trillions of dollars of capital on the sideline ready to deploy for acquisitions, the Great Resignation, continued availability of financing, retiring baby boomers and an entire generation of new entrepreneurs building up sellable, tech-based businesses continue to drive activity across the industry.

If you're running an established company, you need to be aware of who YOUR best-fit, advisor, investor & acquirer prospects are, what they're looking for, and how to navigate the landscape well in advance of any transaction that might take place.

What Benefits Will You Get By Joining This Community?

A collaborative, win-win community

 Once you sign up, here are some of the benefits you'll get:

  1. Collaborate and network with niche industry professionals, advisors & experts and turn online interactions into offline relationships to build a personalized deal team & referral network.

  2. Access exclusive, industry-specific workshops, masterclasses & content, with daily niche events & collaboration to help you stay on top of new trends that matter in the world of business acquisition, growth & exit.

  3. Learn tips & tactics for valuation & exit planning alongside active industry players and niche experts we respect in this space.

  4. Access to the most comprehensive directory of aggregated, niche M&A industry events as they become available each day.

  5. Swap stories, experiences, ideas, and tactics around our shared passion for transactions with experienced community members actively working in the trenches of business acquisition, growth & sale.

A Big Thanks

To all our fans out there who have motivated & supported us from day #1.

As a show of appreciation, here are a few things we're giving back in exchange for your participation in our community.

  1. 👉  Refer 2 people with your unique community referral link , and we'll give you a shout-out highlighting your profile and your specified niche focus in our own podcast, social, & LIVE sessions. 
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    1. Buyers get access to all deals and data (over 10k active opportunities)
    2. Intermediaries get a free sponsored profile across our marketplace, newsletters and social, along with full access to our buyer matching tool (20 suggested individual, PEG, Family Office and Corporate acquirers per posted listing or private teaser).
  3. 👉  Refer 25 people with your unique community referral link, and we'll set you up with your own "Concierge Toolkit" dashboard including a complete, customized list of your off-market target prospects including all company and decision-maker data.
    1. This is a feature typically reserved exclusively for our Concierge client partners
    2. Dashboard prospects include complete targeting scorecards and qualification data