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Our Community Purpose

To provide a hands-on resource for our clients and members to network, level up and niche down in the rapidly changing world of deal origination tools, tactics & best practices.

Build out your origination program, set up a niche deal team, line up available financing and collaborate with a community of qualified industry professionals & advisors specialized in your local region or industry niche.

Long-Game Deal Origination

Our Five Stage Process 

Key Themes Covered In Our Community

  1. Market Research & Analysis: Leveraging in-depth market insights to identify emerging M&A trends and opportunities.

  2. Target Identification: Pinpointing potential merger or acquisition candidates that align with strategic business objectives.

  3. Multi-Channel Outreach & Networking: Establishing connections with potential targets or partners through sophisticated networking and relationship management.

  4. Target Nurturing & Inbound Origination Practices: Cultivating relationships with identified targets through strategic communication and engagement, ensuring readiness and receptiveness for potential M&A discussions.

  5. Discovery Call and Prospect Conversion: Engaging in detailed conversations with potential targets to explore their needs and interests, and effectively converting prospects into active M&A opportunities.

  6. Deal Conceptualization: Crafting the framework of potential M&A deals, considering aspects like valuation, financing, and strategic fit.

  7. Preparation for Deal Execution: Coordinating the groundwork for deal-making, including assembling advisory teams, conducting pre-due diligence, and setting up legal and financial structures.

Why Now?

In a nutshell, it's damn crowded, damn competitive, and the market is changing damn quickly.

We think there's never been a better time to niche down your brand, your mandate, & your network to stay ahead of the ongoing tidal wave of new interest flooding into the industry of business acquisition & sale.

Trillions of dollars of capital remain on the sideline ready to deploy for acquisitions, the recession winter is coming, baby boomers are retiring and there's an entire generation of new entrepreneurs building up sellable, tech-based businesses to continue to drive activity across the industry.

It's competitive. Make sure you're equipped to compete.

What Benefits Will You Get By Joining This Community?

A collaborative, win-win community

 Once you sign up, here are some of the benefits you'll get:

  1. Collaborate and network with niche industry professionals, advisors & experts and turn online interactions into offline relationships to build a personalized deal team & referral network.

  2. Access exclusive, industry-specific workshops, masterclasses & content, with daily opportunities to help you stay on top of new trends that matter in the world of M&A deal origination.

  3. Swap tips, experiences, ideas, and tactics around our shared passion for acquisition & origination with experienced community members actively working in the trenches of business acquisition, growth & sale.

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